Luxury Line

The Luxury Line

The Ultimate in Hydrotherapy…
The Saratoga Hot Tubs Luxury Line provides top of the line performance by way of a genuinely unique approach to hot water therapy as well as state of the art conveniences.


The Adirondack Line

We cannot say whether its the Adirondack mountains that over look our factory in New York state or the world famous & immensely comfortable Adirondack lounging chair that most inspire this range, perhaps you can decide?

Special Edition

The Special Edition Line

Loaded with features from across our ranges, the Special Editions offer a strong value to price position whilst offering a great balance of size, therapy and special features as part of their standard design.

Welcome, let us share a little about Saratoga Hot Tubs…

When discovering Saratoga Hot Tubs you will learn that Redefining Hydrotherapy is a journey, not a destination.
When looking at technology, what may have worked in the past may not have the same impact in the present.
When looking at the curing and health benefits of water, some things never change.

Saratoga Springs, New York has been a place of relief and rejuvenation for over 100 years. Saratoga Hot Tubs continues that tradition today, and allows what was once only for a select few people to enjoy is now available anyone.
To have the ability to place this ultimate soaking experience in their own home is still considered a luxury by most, but don’t you deserve a little luxury!

Within Europe, Saratoga Hot Tubs have a hugely experienced team, many of our team members are hot-tub & spa industry award winners, recognised for their skills & knowledge by their peers.
Drawing expert experience from hot tub field engineer right up through to hot tub distribution & dealer managers, we’ve seen more than most, managed with more than most & overcome more than most!
Its this ‘from the field up’ point of view makes us unique among our competitors, we truly understand our products & of course the benefits they bring!

Every part is sourced in the USA, every hot tub is handcrafted in New York;
Made with pride since 1983!
A completely unique approach to hot tub jetting not seen anywhere else in the world;
So good it had to be patented, So awesome it must be tried by all.
An extensive hot tub range, that together exceed everyone’s needs & desires;
If you want it we probably have it!
Available from vast UK stocks, many with or without options plus with ‘just in time’ deliveries from the factory to our UK warehouses, there’s always a ‘boat on the water’ there’s never long to wait!
We’ve been into hot tubs since the last millennium, when they were most often called spa baths;
Our multi-award winning expert & experienced team is drawn from (hot tub industry specific) field engineers through to national dealer managers, nobody knows hot tubs like us!
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